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Swan Song
Retired hairdresser Pat
Pitsenbarger (Udo Kier)
escapes the confines of his
small-town Sandusky, Ohio
nursing home after learning of
his ...
Swan Song RetirEinsteller:
Gregory Mann

3521 Zeichen


John And The Hole
In this enigmatic and
unsettling meditation on
adolescent angst, 13-year-old
John (Charlie Shotwell)
discovers an unfinished
John And The Hole Einsteller:
Gregory Mann

6140 Zeichen


Nine Days
Will (Winston Duke) spends his
days in a remote outpost
watching the live Point Of
View (POV) on TV’s of people
going about their lives, ...
Nine Days Will Einsteller:
Gregory Mann

10997 Zeichen


Enemies Of The State
An American family becomes
entangled in a bizarre web of
secrets and lies when their
hacker son is targeted by The
U.S. Covern...
Enemies Of The StateEinsteller:
Gregory Mann

8994 Zeichen


Settlers takes place on a
remote homestead amongst The
Martian frontier, as a refugee
family from Earth clings to
hope for a better life...
Settlers SeEinsteller:
Gregory Mann

9612 Zeichen

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